sydastian69 whispered:
Write 10 facts about yourself and then pass this on to 10 of your favourite followers c:

ohmygod, thank toy so much dear <3 <3

1. i’m 19

2. it’s my first year in uni

3. over a long time i’m truly happy

4. i can’t wait ‘til 22.november, Carnival Youth’s concert

5. this weekend i’m gonna visit my friend for a few days who lives in Tallinn

6. my hair is crazy curly :D

7. i love wearing skirts and dresses, i hardly even wear jeans

8. i never go out without my makeup on

9. i’m a vegetarian

10. music means the world to me :3

thanks again, sweetheart :*


So I bought a can of not-even-sure-what-is-this because of this dumb band

destinedforglory7 whispered:
excelente blog señora lady, thank you so much for following and am following back :) :) :) :) :)

thanks, that’s so sweet of you :3

nikkie-stardust whispered:
Hi. You have a nice blog and great musical taste. :)

hey! thank you so so much :3

Anonymous whispered:
are you 80srockwillneverdie?

haha yeah :D 

Anonymous whispered:
They wont catch me! I'm fn innocent

they won’t break me



wassup my homies i wanna thank all 420 of u for following me and staying with me through my hella sad/annoying phases. i luv all of u!!! anyways, this is for you guys <33


WELL LOVELY PERSON, if you win, you get these hella rad things!!!

- some grungy kewl ass sweater thing from SWS (large)

- use your illusions i (gnr) 

- use your illusions ii (gnr)

- icon (queen)


- paul mccartney’s mccartney on vinyl. the sleeve is in kind of a rough condition (i got it for pretty cheap from a thrift store) but the actual vinyl itself plays really well 

- king crimson’s in the court of the crimson king (great condition, brand new)

- rolling stone’s special collectors edition of pink floyd!! the ultimate guide to their music & legend + more!!

- rolling stone’s special collectors edition of the rolling stones!! their 100 greatest songs + more!!

- guitar world magazine ft. slash!!! (there’s a really cool interview with him on it, along with the chords for patience + other cool things)

-fyi newspaper ft. an article/interview on bon jovi!! super cool

A SIGNED PICTURE OF SLASH!!! WHAT???? yeah i met him last september and i took two autographed photos (cant be tamed) and i’ve decided to give one away how awesome am i

- a brand new 25$ starbucks giftcard (not pictured)

- a brand new band shirt of your choice (must be under 50$ - not including shipping) just send me a link to it when i pick u ok? ok


so these are the rules and/everything else i think you should know;

  • reblogs only! likes don’t count, but feel free to like for ref or whatever.
  • no giveaway blogs!!! that’s not cool 
  • you gotta be following me (sorry) but this is for my hella rad followers!!! so yaknow (u can be mean and unfollow me after the giveaway ends tho)
  • you can reblog as many times as you like!!
  • i will be picking a winner on that day, via and they will be given 24 hours to reply, and if they don’t, i’ll pick someone else.
  • if you have any questions, feel free to send me a msg!

so yeah, i think that's just about it! thank u ヽ(・∀・*)ノ

cruelgurl whispered:
Hii thanks for following! ❤ I hope u enjoy my blog!! Yay

your blog is awesome so yeah i’m 100% sure i’ll enjoy it. :3


  • must be following me (senpaibowie)
  • likes dont count
  • reblog as many times as u like :)
  • no giveaway blogs sry they wont be counted]

senpaibowie's superrad rock n roll giveaway 2.0

you will win the following:

1. my beloved classic rock patch rucksack which is honestly one of my favourite things but i need to cleanse myself and this is an old thing of mine, something i don’t need anymore to remind me of my “old” life. its really great and i love is so much so take care of it plez!!!

2. my homemade AM denim jacket! which is probably the coolest piece of clothing i own, but i never wear it. and someone out there would appreciate it much more i’m betting :) (maybe if ur going to leeds fest?? u could impress all the other monkeys, who knows idk)

3. any three of the shown beatles records i can’t afford to send more than three so you get to choose!! (also let it be is missing im so sorry idk where it is) i dont rly care much for the beatles anymore so its best they go to someone who actually cares! ok good

4. a zoso necklace i got this as a present but i already had one! (typical ryt) so someone else can have it. yay

5. radiohead, guns n roses, and david bowie heroes tour shirts! which are cool except i dont need them anymore i have way too many clothes and i need to discard of some because i’m leaving home soon so they need 2 go

oh and all this shindig ends on the 10th of april. omg good luck tho :D